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Wine Club

Welcome to the Freja Cellar Club. Join our wine club and you will get our Estate and Reserve wines twice a year. Grand Cru members annually receive 2 cases (20% discount), Premier Cru members annually receive 1 case (15% discount) and Village level annually receives 6 bottles(10% discount). Pickup at the tasting room or we can ship to you direct. 

Membership Benefits include:

  • Discounted Guaranteed Wine Access – our wines are limited production especially the Reserve wines at 95-125 cases per year. We limit our club to 150 members.
  • Wine Pick Up parties – for all club members Spring (April/May) and Harvest (Oct./Nov.)
  • Complimentary tastings – up to 4 people, anytime you come to Freja Cellars
  • Members only Barrel Tastings and option to purchase Futures
  • Annual Summer Concert-Currently a public event but eventually a club only event. 
  • Option to substitute your own choice of vintages

Click here to signup for the wine club.Winery 003