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How To Order

The best way to order our wine is right here online! Click here to purchase now. We always attempt to ship your wine via Fedex or UPS ground. We only accept 3 bottles or more for a minimum order. When the weather does not allow it we use airship and we will contact you first before we ship this way. The prices quoted for shipping are for ground shipping and tend to be a little higher than actual costs. You will be billed the lower actual amount.

You can also Email or Phone in your order with ship to address. Credit cards accepted.

We also welcome you to join the Freja Cellar Club. Go to the Wine Club page to signup. The three club levels are Grand Cru(2 cases per year), Premier Cru(1 case per year) and Village level(1/2 case per year). We ship club wines twice a year. In the spring we release the estate level Pinot Noir and in the fall we release the Reserve level Pinot Noir. Club members get access to future vintages not available in the general market.

The winery is  open by appointment only.
Please contact me by email or phone to schedule a visit. Groups of 4 people or more are a minimum.

Our wines can also be found in fine wine shops and restaurants in the following markets: California, DC, Georgia, Iowa, Minnesota, Michigan, Oregon, South Carolina, Virginia, Washington State and Toronto, Canada.

Name: Willy Gianopulos
Title: Winemaker, Owner
Company: Freja Cellars
Address: 16691 SW McFee Place
City:  Hillsboro,
State:  Oregon
Zip  97123
Country: United States

Email Address: [email protected]
Work Phone: (503) 628-0337