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Note: In general the Estate wine is value priced between $25-30 per bottle. The Reserve is priced from $45-55 per bottle. I keep the tasting notes below for older vintages for those who cellar wines and you will be rewarded by properly cellaring Freja wines. They are built to age gracefully with the Reserve wines aging 10-15+ years. As of 2020, my first Reserve 1999 is still pretty tasty.  Our reserves are aged several years in newer French oak barrels and further bottle aged a few years before release. The Estate is in a blend of Oregon, Hungarian and French barrels for 11 months and further bottle aged for a few years as well before we release them.



2015 Estate WV Pinot Noir– Our current release of our estate Pinot Noir.  Warm spices, black plum and figs on the palate. Structured tannins.  A complex wine that is still very young but it is approachable now but will benefit from aging. Suggested Retail: $25.00 -$29.00

2016 Reserve WV Pinot Noir– Limited release on this vintage to wine club members and sold in our tasting room. Floral nose of violets and sandalwood.  Blueberry and black cherry on the palate with a spicy finish. Drinkable now but will benefit from cellaring.  Suggested Retail: $45.00 -$50.00

2023 Estate Albariño– This is our seventh bottling of this Spanish white varietal. It was released in April 2023.  It’s bright and crisp on the finish. With passion fruit, pineapple, white grapefruit and a hint of soursop flavors. Tropical fruity nose. Will pair great with summer fare and seafood.  115 cases produced Suggested Retail:  $21.00-25.00


2014 Reserve Pinot Noir- A richer style of Pinot Noir that hints of vanilla, cherry and raspberry. On the nose toast, earthy and violets. Harvested on 10/4/14. Aged for 24 months on lees in 50% new French burgundy barrels. No filtering or fining. 100% Wadensville clone. Suggested Retail: Sold Out

2014 Estate WV Pinot Noir-Big yielding crop on the vines to slow down the ripening in what was a long hot and dry Fall. Hungarian, Oregon and French oak barrels used for aging the wine 11 months in 10% new wood. The nose offers aromas of fresh raspberries, rose blossom, leather, and a beautiful earthiness. On the palate, it lands on cranberry and tart cherry flavors with bright notes of hibiscus tea followed by earthy hints of cocoa dust, dried herbs and a dash of baking spices. – Medium body Released June 2017, 2,400 cases produced, 13.2 % alcohol, Gold medal winner 2018, 90pts. SavorNW. Clones 115, 777, Pommard and Wadensville. Suggested Retail: $25.00 -$29.00

2013 Estate WV Pinot Noir-Crazy vintage with a winter like storm in October. Trees went down with high winds and lots of rain. Since we had good flavors in the berries we decided to pick the day of the storm avoiding any cluster dilution or botrytis. Our picking crew were amazing getting it all harvested in under 6 hours. Hungarian, Oregon and French oak barrels used for aging the wine 11 months in 15% new wood. Subtle red cherry with a hint of black cherry on a very long finish. As of September 2017 the tannins have softened and are well integrated, forest floor nose with a faint floral note.  Best served at room temperature. Unfiltered.  Medium body Released May 2016, 1,222 cases produced, 12.5 % alcohol, Silver medal winner 2017 NW Wine Summit. Suggested Retail: $25.00 -$29.00

2013 Reserve WV Pinot Noir– This Reserve has a toasty nose with an earthy finish. This wine was aged in new French barrels for 2 years and the hints cherry and raspberry on the finish.  Pairs great with roasted or grilled meats. Unfiltered. Released Nov 2017, 98 cases produced, 13% alcohol Double Gold winner Savor the Northwest. Suggested Retail: $45.00-$50.00

2012 Estate Pinot Noir-Opulent, ripe  vintage with red cherry and red currents predominating the flavors. Good tannic structure and a very long high palate finish. Deep red burgundy color. Poor spring pollination gave yields  less than 1 ton per acre resulting in the concentration and weight of this wine. Pairs well with beef, poultry, lamb and bison. Released May 2014 , 450  cases produced, 13% alcohol Suggested Retail: $25.00

2011 Estate WV Pinot Noir-Being a  cooler vintage this wine needed some age to bring out it’s true potential and it is drinking well now. Slight blueberry and wet stone on the nose. Just a hint of oak. Both Hungarian, Oregon and French oak barrels used for aging the wine, 20% new wood. Wild strawberry and pomegranate on the palate  with a slightly tannic finish. Good acidity makes this another great wine for food pairings. Especially goes well with oily fish like  salmon or mackerel  and soft aged cheeses.  Released May 2014, 780 cases produced, 12.5 % Alcohol Suggested Retail: $21.00

2009 Reserve WV Pinot Noir-Finished in new center of France oak barrels this one is a real gem. Like the estate wine in this vintage it has a classic ruby color with a deep magenta core, raspberry and pomegranate mingling with earthy undertones of sage and spearmint and a silky smooth finish. A hint of vanilla and chocolate on the finish, the wood is well integrated into the wine and it is drinking very well now and will continue to drink well for another 5 years. . Pairs great with any grilled meats, hearty seafood dishes and table cheeses. Released Nov 2014, 95 cases Suggested Retail: Sold Out

2008 Reserve WV Pinot Noir– Another Reserve crafted to age into a real gem which is just coming into drink-ability now but will age another 5-8 years. A departure from aging our Reserve in all French oak this reserve was finished for 2 years in 1 year old Oregon oak barrels. Hints of blueberry, currants and cedar-wood spice on the palate. Very warm, spicy, slightly smoky finish. Beautiful classic Burgundy color. Pairs great with steak, grilled lamb,  roasted chicken or grilled salmon. Released May 2013 25  cases remaining, 13 % alcohol Suggested Retail: $40.00

2007 Reserve WV Pinot Noir- This Reserve is more on the elegant side of the equation. Like many of the 2007 vintages it needed both barrel and bottle age to bring out it’s true potential. It is now drinking fine with rounded tannins and an earthy forest floor bouquet but as with all my wines will age well for another five years.   Hints of blueberry, cherry jam and sandalwood spice on the palate. Beautiful classic Burgundy color. Pairs great with grilled lamb,  roasted chicken or grilled salmon. Released May 2012,  Suggested Retail: Sold Out

2009 Estate WV Pinot Noir-Very similar to the 2008 vintage although slightly riper and touch more fruit on the palet. We had a big yield in all the vineyards and a long dry warm Fall contributed to grapes that ripened slowly keeping the acidity and flavors in the Burgundy  style of Freja Pinot Noir. We sold a third of the production to a California winery that branded it under their own label and they sold 500 cases at $35/bottle so it’s a deal at this price. A ruby color with a deep magenta core, raspberry and pomegranate mingling with earthy undertones of sage and spearmint and a silky smooth finish. Pairs great with any grilled meats, hearty seafood dishes and table cheeses. Released January 2012 1400 cases Suggested Retail: Sold Out

2010 Estate WV Pinot Noir– Many refer to this vintage as the Hitchhockian year. A early Fall storm pushed down the migratory birds earlier than usual and they helped themselves to some pretty ripe fruit. We lost about two thirds of our crop in the process.  What fruit we were able to harvest produced a well balanced wine. Again another good aging wine with slightly more tannins than the 2009 that adds a nice dimension to the wine. Good structure,  nice deep garnet color and good acidity. Flinty on the nose with hints of cedar. This wine will take on a steak, grilled chicken, lamb and salmon. Released May 2013. Only 550 cases produced  Suggested Retail: Sold Out

2008 Estate Pinot Noir-This wine reminds me of the 2001 vintage. Good acidity, moderate tannins and an earthy bouquet. Classic Burgundy color with hints of pepper and spice. This wine is still young but is drinkable now.  Like most of my wines it will improve some age and will go the distance due to it’s overall balance. Very low production due to ill-timed leaf pulling causing some bad sunburning of the clusters in the Wadensville block. This wine was featured at the Masters Golf Tournament. 510 cases Suggested Retail: Sold Out

2007 Big Pink Rose– A great a chilled summer time quaffer. Nice salmon color and brisk acidity. Pineapple, pear, apple and strawberry fruit flavors with a  complex aromatic floral nose. A dry wine meant for food pairings.  Sold at the winery only. Suggested Retail: Sold Out

2007 WV Estate Pinot Noir– Tannins were a bit edgy at release but this has mellowed   into a graceful wine.  In general,  the 07 vintage just needed more bottle age than usual and it’s time has arrived. Damn some critics! Patience was needed. Deep burgundy color. Alcohol levels back down to what Pinot Noir is supposed to be at 13%.  Subtle fruit flavors of of  blueberries with red cherry, red currants and hints of raspberry with a  slightly tannic finish. Unfiltered so it is necessary  to store the bottle or case upright at least the night before popping the  cork. This will vastly improve how this wine tastes. 1450 cases. Released Fall, 2008 Recession busting priced!  Suggested Retail: Sold Out

2006 WV Estate Pinot Noir- This is no doubt the nicest estate wine I have made to date and the reserve for this vintage is stunning(still in the barrel). The weather cooperated throughout the entire growing season and with low yields produced very ripe fruit after long hang times. Alcohol was a bit high for a Freja wine at 14% but not overbearing. The usual fruit flavors of of  blueberries,  black cherry and black currants with a long peppery finish. 1000 cases. Released Fall. 2007 Suggested Retail: Sold Out

2006 Reserve Pinot Noir- This Reserve is a big one and is the best wine I have made to date. It is going to need 5-10 years before it reaches maturity. A huge wine but balanced fruit, acid and tannins coming together beautifully. Cherry, blueberry and black currants, new oak toast and a warming spicy finish. Alcohol a bit higher than I like at 14%. Will be released Spring 2010.  100 cases Suggested Retail: Sold Out

2006 Big Pink Rose This is our first Rose of Pinot Noir. Beautiful Salmon color. Bone dry with citrus overtones and bright acidity. Floral bouquet. Serve chilled with your favorite summer grilled food or as an aperitif. To be sold in the Oregon market or winery direct purchases. Released May. 2007 Suggested Retail: SOLD OUT

2005 WV Estate Pinot Noir– Rainfall two weeks before crush 10/8/05 gave us a scare but the dry cool weather that followed allowed time to dry out. Beautiful deep color and the aromas are wonderfull. This falls between the 2003 and 2004 vintages stylistically and as the last few vintages blueberries,  black cherry and black currants are the predominant fruit flavors. Again, yields were very low at 1.6 tons/acre so limited production of 750 cases. Released Feb. 2007 Suggested Retail: SOLD OUT

2005 Reserve Pinot Noir– Nice refined Pinot Noir with 100% new French oak that is now well integrated . Showing very nice now but will benefit from additional bottle age and is worth laying down for the long haul. Will keep for another decade. Vanilla with slight chocolate overtones with blueberry fruit and slight bramble flavors. Balanced acidity and a long spicy finish. 100 cases
Released Fall, 2008 Suggested Retail: Sold Out

2004 WV Estate Pinot Noir– Crush took place 10/1/04. Average yields were 1.7 tons/acre. We are focusing on lower yields to produce richer wines than in the past. Another early harvest with very ripe and balanced fruit. Still in the Freja style but a bigger wine like the 2003 vintage. Average brix were 22.5 degrees so alcohol levels should be just right for a Pinot Noir. Suggested Retail: SOLD OUT

2004 WV Reserve Pinot Noir– Typical of our Reserve bottlings with similarities to the 2001 and 2003 vintages. Aged for 18 months in 100% new French oak barrels and aged for another 12 months in the bottle before being released. Richer and more tannic than our estate wines with the added complexity of vanilla and chocolate overtones.Perfect for drinking now or laying down for another 2-3 years.  112 cases Suggested Retail: Sold Out

2003 WV Estate Pinot Noir– Crush took place 09/27/03. The earliest harvest date in the history of Freja Vineyard. A long hot dry summer did it’s magic. Tonnage was back down to 1.9 tons/acre with 1.6 tons per acre for the reserve. Intense color due to very thick skins. We kept the skin contact time to two weeks instead of our usual three weeks to keep the tannins under control. Despite this, it has big, ripe tannins, lots of bramble fruit and good acid levels for a balanced wine. This will be a long term ager. Average brix was 23, our high elevation saved us from having too high sugar(produces too much alcohol for pinot noir) and the acids held up nicely. A great vintage but will need more bottle age than normal. This will get us very close to our benchmark of making a Volnay style wine. 750 cases. Released November 2005. Suggested Retail: SOLD OUT

2003 WV Reserve Pinot Noir: This Reserve is a very big Pinot Noir but still in our finesse style. This vintage is so rich with so much up-front fruit we let it age in new french barrels beyond the usual 18 months so it is going to need some time to integrate all the new oak. Unlike many over ripe Willamette Valley 2003’s this Reserve has 13% alcohol and good acidity. Flavors of ripe blueberries, pie cherry and black currants with hints of white pepper spice. Firm tannins give the wine structure and the bouquet is very Burgundian. This is a wine to lay down for 5-10 years. Released Fall 2006.  Suggested Retail: Sold Out

2002 WV Estate Pinot Noir– Grapes were harvested on 10/5 and 10/12. Average yield was around 2.6 tons/acre which is a bit higher than normal despite the fact we dropped about 60% of the crop in late August. Luckily, we had good Indian summer weather right through harvest so the fruit rippened up nice with long hang times and average brix around 22. 1200 cases produced.  Soft tannins, red fruits and good acidity level make this an easy drinking finesse wine. Stylistically it falls somewhere between the 2000 and 2001 vintages.  Suggested Retail: SOLD OUT

2002 WV Reserve Pinot Noir- This Reserve bottling has much more weight to it than the Estate bottling of this vintage. Beautiful burgundy color with dominance of red fruits with a white pepper finish. As with all of our Reserves, 100% new French oak both Troncais and Bertrand give the hints of smoke and vanilla. 125 cases produced. Very similar to the 2001 Reserve. Suggested Retail: Sold Out

2001 WV Estate Pinot Noir– Grapes were harvested on October 5th the earliest for the vineyard in a long time. Very healthy dark ripe fruit. Average yield was 1.90 tons/acre. Similar to the 1999 vintage. The wine is a nice dark garnet colored with soft tannins. It has a very creamy texture almost like a barrel fermented chardonnay and has hints of blueberry and cherry. Very long high palette finish. Release November 2003.   850 cases Suggested Retail SOLD OUT

2001 WV Reserve Pinot Noir- In my opinion, this is the best reserve wine we have made to date. Fine grained tannins, beautiful burgundy color, blueberry and cherry flavors, hint of smoke and and a nice spicy vanilla finish.  125 cases produced. Suggested Retail SOLD OUT

2000 WV Estate Pinot Noir– The color is a pretty light red. Red fruit flavors, bright acidity and a very long finish. Light to medium bodied.  Another great wine crafted to go well with meals. Note: 8/12 This wine is starting to fade and should be enjoyed  now if you have any in your cellar. 500 cases Suggested Retail SOLD OUT

2000 Winemaker’s Reserve- 98 cases of this beauty were produced and after 18 months in the barrel was bottled on July 4th. The color is a very nice garnet red with depth and clarity. The nose has a faint tar, raspberry and toast aromas. The flavors are red currant, raspberry, toast, coffee and a slight white pepper spice. A very long finish typical of all our wines remains long on the palate. This is a bigger wine than our 2000 WV bottling and will age gracefully for 3-6 years.   Released 11/12/02 Note 8/12. This wine is at perfection now and will begin to fade therefore I recommend drinking it now. Suggested Retail SOLD OUT.

1999 WV EstatePinot Noir– The wine is best characterized by it’s predominance of red cherry flavors. There are also hints of of red currants and raspberries. The color is a light, bright red. The wine is fleshier than the 1998 vintage but is still in that finesse style. The bouquet is well developed and has a nose of violets/red currants. The high palate silky finish lingers forever. . Bottle age 3-5 years. 525 cases produced. No fining/filtering. Note: 8/12 This wine is starting to fade and should be enjoyed  now if you have any in your cellar. Suggested Retail: SOLD OUT

1999 Winemaker’s Reserve-. A barrel selection was made blind tasting all of the 1999 vintage and the best three barrels were selected based on flavor profile. New barrel  aged for a total of 18 months. No fining or filtering. The wine exhibits the same fruit flavors of cherries, red currants, raspberries and some faint wild strawberry. Nice levels of toast and some hints of chocolate are there as well. A warm spicy bouquet. 75 cases Bottle age 3-7 years. Note: 8/12 This wine is starting to fade and should be enjoyed  now if you have any in your cellar. Suggested Retail: SOLD OUT

1998 WV EstatePinot Noir–  This vintage was released in February 2000. It was the first crush for the winery and only 300 cases were produced. A light-medium bodied wine with a fruit forward style. Nice garnet color with toast and vanilla overtones. Unfiltered Note: 8/12 This wine has faded,  consumed right after openning it is interesting at first but begins to lose it’s charater after about 30 minutes. Suggested Retail: SOLD OUT