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Meet The Winemaker

winemakerWinemaker: William A. Gianopulos Willy became interested in wine and grape growing while completing a Masters Degree in Chemical Engineering in Stockholm, Sweden. During his three year residence in  Europe, a visit to Burgundy’s famed Cote D’Or region was the catalyst for the intense interest and passion for Pinot Noir wines. His educational background provided the necessary chemistry and equipment handling knowledge to get started. His relatives have been growing grapes and making wine for generations in the mountainous Greek Peloponnese region. Besides his Greek heritage, his roots include Tuscarora Native American, English and German. Two Great Granparents fought for the South during the Civil War. Willy was raised in Woodstock, N.Y during the 1960/70s amongst prominent artists, musicians, poets and writers. It left an imprint of creative artistry, another key ingredient to fine wine making. After attempting to grow wine grapes in cold Vermont he relocated his family to Oregon in 1987 and purchased land in rural Washington County southwest of  Portland. The vineyard was established in 1988 and the winery was operational in 1998. Today the winery is producing 1,700 cases/year using the latest technology to produce an old world, ageable style of Pinot Noir and dry Rose wines.  Future plans include producing an Albarino white wine from estate grown grapes. The winery is open to the public at Memorial Day and Thanksgiving Holidays, A Summer Concert or for private tours by appointment. (503)628-0337