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Charitable Donations

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As a small business we cannot accommodate all who ask for donations and we recieve hundreds of them every year. Freja Cellars contributes a portion of our profits to the Nature Conservancy, Doctors Without Borders and our local school district. Some of our profits also go towards maintaining a 130 acre dry tropical forest farm in Costa Rica for CO2 sequestering to counter global warming. When the farm was purchased about half the property was and still is primary forest. The rest was being used for cattle grazing. This part of the farm is now being allowed to reforest naturally and additional rare precious hardwood species are being planted such as ron-ron and cristobal. In Costa Rica, a single tree absorbs between 1 to 2.5 tons of CO2 in a thirty year span. The farm has thousands of trees and is located on the southern Nicoya Peninsula in the Nadayure Mountains above Playa Caletas and Playa Coyote. Both beaches are not very developed and still have nesting leatherback and Ridley turtles.